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In 1960, Privatization Engineering Company Al-Sanea National Co. W.L.L. met the country’s needs by developing and reconstructing the state of Kuwait. During that time, the company was one of the first construction companies that were assigned to deal with various state ministries, involving its administrative and technical staff at their highest level of expertise and the efficiency of skilled and technical manpower which are trained to work in all circumstances. The company as well owns (200 equipment); consisting of light and heavy equipment and electric generators. The company was registered in the Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MOCI) under the Commercial Registration No. 115517 and the License No. m / 4154 / 2006. In addition, the company name has been listed by the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) since its establishment in the year 1960 under the No. 755 and by the Central Tenders Committee (CTC) under the No. 6679 -18 S.


In 2013 Al Sanea National Co. W.L.L. joined One of the biggest National companies " Abyar Gulf Company "

with a new name change to became Privatization Engineering Company for general contracting & building.


Abyar Gulf Company  ( )  is One of National Industrial Group K.S.C. National Industries Company ( NIC ) was established in 1960 with 51 % of its shares owned by Kuwait Government and 49 % owned by the private sector. In 1995 and 1996 Kuwait Government , as part of its privatization program

(, ) sold all its shares in the company to the private sector ( institutions and general public ). On 14th July 1008 Amiri Decree No. 153 changed the name of the company from National Industries Company to National Industries Group K.S.C. (Holding Co.) ( NIG ) ( ).


NIG owns major equity shares in many companies in Kuwait and the middle East region such as Kuwait Cement Company, Mabanee Company, Kuwait Pipe Industries & Oil Services Co., Housing Finance Company , Kuwait Finance House, National Investment Co., Kuwait Financial Center Co., Eastern United Petroleum Services Company ( Established in November 2005 ; Kuwait Privitization Projects Co. Gas & Oil Fields Services Co. W.L.L. ( GOFSCO ) ( ) ; Saudi Sand Lime Brick Company, and F.T.V. Proclad Company Abu Dhabi U.A.E. NIG also has other major equity interests in industrial and investment companies in Bahrain, Sharjah ( U.A.E ) , Egypt, Germany, and France and has board membership in all these companies.


Message of General Manager

This is a great pleasure to present to you Privatization Engineering Co. W.L.L.; a leading company in the general contracting sector which was established in the year 1960. Privatization Engineering Co. started its activities in the construction sector and is now classified as grade ”1” by the Central Tenders Committee (CTC) for the works of construction, roads and electricity. This is due to the company’s distinguished technical and engineering capabilities and for its high engineering and technical expertise in operating the technical systems. The company as well owns (200 equipment); consisting of light and heavy equipment and electric generators. In addition, the company played a prominent role in eliminating the Iraqi evasion’s aggressive effects on Kuwait. This was achieved through the implementation of maintenance projects and construction in the State of Kuwait. The company has also executed annual projects; that include works of construction, maintenance and infrastructure. Our vision in the coming period will be focusing on participating in the development planned projects and contributing to various ministry projects. This will be through increasing the supply of our professional services and employment, and by increasing our abilities to finance future projects. Finally, seeing that the company has executed more than 150 projects to various State ministries, we are looking ahead in the near future and the coming period to implement the largest number of projects, in all aspects of construction, roads and maintenance works.

We seek to have a role in a better world.


The Central Tenders Committe ( CTC )  Classification of works



Civil Works and construction:  First Degree

The Works of External Services ( Roads and Sewerage ): Fourth Degree

Electrical Works: Fourth Degree

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