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Safety of Workers

Safety is a major consideration in the design of construction plant. However, there is room for improvement in the design of projects and the choice of construction methods with a view to reduce the risk to operatives. All labors are supplied with the following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Coveralls, safety shoes or boots and helmet. Other protection such as safety glasses/goggles, gloves, ear plugs, safety belt/harness, masks are supplied appropriate for the task being performed. All workmen receive training in the correct use of Personal Protection Equipment, equipment and tools. During micro tunneling appropriate signs and safety barricades (soft / hard) will be erected, if required,t o prevent inadvertent access.



Principally observe safety warnings of the procedure prior to commissioning of lifts and hoist plants. When exchanging heavy machine parts, see to it that they are carefully fastened to lifts and secured. Use only appropriate and technically faultless hoists as well as load carrying devices with a sufficient capacity. Reliably secure loads. Order only experienced personnel to deal with the slinging of the loads. Lifting Points Use only suitable lifting points for transport of the equipment. All lifting points are marked red.


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